PHCR-E Food Protection Program
DSN: (314) 486-8956/7134
Comm: 49 (0) 637 186 8956 / 7134
PHCR-E Animal Medicine Program

Welcome to Veterinary Services

Jack M. Wedam
Official Photo

Our Mission

Provide military veterinary service support to Department of Defense installations, forces, and missions in the European Command (EUCOM) and African Command (AFRICOM) Area of Operations.

Ensure the military readiness of Public Health Command Region Europe (PHCRE) personnel.

Limited support to Department of Defense military exercies, operations, and expanded relations programs, such as Theater Security Cooperation in EUCOM and AFRICOM.

Our Vision

Protect the health of the USEUCOM constituency by providing world-class, effective, efficient, and dedicated veterinary support to food safety and defense operations, Military Working Dogs, community animal health, and zoonotic disease control across the full spectrum of military operations.

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