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Getting ready to deploy? Make sure your family knows what resources are available to them in your community while you're gone. The online Community Resource Guide provides links to downloadable handbooks detailing contact information for family assistance resources in all the U.S. Army Garrisons throughout Europe.

Health Promotion and Wellness

Spotlight: Suicide Prevention Task Force

No Soldier Stands Alone

"The success of the Army Suicide Prevention Program rests upon proactive, caring, and courageous people who recognize the imminent danger and then take immediate action to save a life. Suicide prevention is everybody's business in the Army."

- Lt. Gen. Michael D. Rochelle, deputy chief of staff, G-1 (Personnel)
Suicide Prevention Resources

"It takes a lot of courage to ask a leader for help."

- Terry Bradshaw
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AKO Suicide Prevention Knowledge Center
Stand Down Material

("Beyond the Front" video can be found above.)
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Army G-1 Suicide Prevention Resources

IAW AR600-63, the Health Promotion Council is a multi-disciplinary team that synchronizes behavioral health and resiliency programs and policies to ensure that Soldiers, retirees, veterans, civilian employees, and their Families are physically, mentally, spiritually, and materially prepared to perform the Army's mission. Your Garrison Health Promotion Council is actively involved in executing the intent of the Suicide Prevention Stand Down. Please contact your local PHCR-Europe Health Promotion Coordinator for more details.

Looking for resources regarding health promotion? Here are a few links to other sites and publications devoted to the health and well being of U.S. Army Soldiers and their families:

Health Promotion and Wellness


Civilian Fitness Program
The Civilian Fitness Program is a Department of the Army approved venture in which civilians employed by the Army are encouraged to engage in regular program of exercise and other positive health habits.

Civilian Fitness Program

Commanders and supervisors may approve and allow for three one-hour exercise sessions each week during normal work hours for a total of 78 hours over a consecutive six-month period.

Contact your local Health Promotion Officer to find out more about the Civilian Fitness Program and how to sign up.

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