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Medical & Veterinary Entomology

The skilled entomologists and technicians of our Medical & Veterinary Entomology program provide field and laboratory services to protect personnel from the health threat posed by pests and vector-borne diseases, and to minimize the adverse effects of pesticides. Our services include:

Entomological Sciences

Entomological Readiness Evaluation: A pre-deployment service, we will come to your location and evaluate your unit's capability to prevent vector-borne disease casualties. Elements include review of command and staff policies, unit training and equipment, and operational preparedness.

Vector-borne Disease Risk Assessment: We evaluate the threat to an installation or field site by a specific vector-borne disease or suite of diseases. This service includes estimating the impact of the problems and developing countermeasures.

Entomological Study: We take a comprehensive on-site look into solving a specific pest management problem that could affect the health/well-being of personnel.

Entomological Training: A pre-deployment service, we will conduct on-site training in all areas of entomology to include vector-borne disease assessment and control, pest surveillance and management, and field sanitation.

DOD Pesticide Applicator Certification/Recertification Training: We conduct the training courses to DOD-certify, and ensure continued certification of your personnel to apply pesticides as required by law.

Insect and Rodent Identification Service: What is it? We identify insects, rodents, spiders, etc. infesting subsistence, evaluate their resistance to pesticides, and recommend appropriate control methods.

Pest Management Program Review: We will review your organization's pest management program for safe, effective, and efficient operations that conform to regulatory requirements and sound pest management practices.

Entomological Consultation: We will provide technical advice in response to telephonic or staff requests to solve a known problem faced by deployed units or troops.


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