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Environmental Health Engineering

The Environmental Health Engineering program provides services in the following areas:

Environmental Engineering Drinking Water Supply Management: We provide a broad range of services that will enable you to implement an effective drinking water management program, resulting in improved public health and confidence in your water supply and distribution systems, regulatory compliance, the avoidance of crisis management, effective protection of water sources, reduced operations & maintenance costs, and an extended life for your water systems. read more...

Storm/Surface and Wastewater Management: Let us help you to be good stewards of the environment, improve public health, and maintain good public relations with the host nation by assessing your indirect and direct discharges for compliance with regulatory and permit requirements. We can do this through monitoring and when required, conducting detailed wastewater management studies. read more...


Service Requests
Need a service? Use the link below to send a service request directly to Environmental Health Sciences. We also welcome you to use our feedback form to comment on a service already provided.
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